What happens to all the stuff left behind in the dorm rooms?

With so many students moving in and out of dorms throughout the year, personal belongings are bound to be mistakenly left behind. Moving home for summer can be a stressful and hectic time for students, and some may accidentally leave personal belongings in cabinets, drawers, or even closets. So that bears the question… what happens to these items once the dorm rooms are cleaned out over summer?

I spoke to a resident assistant (RA) on campus where I was informed that these items are not simply thrown away or donated. They are all individually labeled and moved into a secure storage unit until they are claimed by the individual. After a certain amount of time, if the items remain unclaimed, they are donated to a local charity. If there are items left behind of no value, such as boxes, toiletries, etc., they are simply thrown in the garbage.

The Residence Life office encourages everyone to double-check their rooms to make sure they have all their belongings before they turn in their keys. You can contact the SHSU Residence Life office at (936) 294-1812 or visit them in-person in the Residence Life office in Lone Star Hall if you have any further questions.

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