Ceramic bowl making at the Wynne home

The Wynne Home Arts & Visitors Center of Huntsville has begun their annual fundraiser. In the month of Huntsville, the Wynne Home brings the community together to make ceramic bowls for a great cause. Members of the community are able to go to the Wynne Home, create ceramic bowls, then they are sold and auctioned off the next year, and the proceeds go to Meals on Wheels program for the Senior Center of Walker County. These auctions start at 20 dollars, and many reach as high as 100 dollars. Meals on Wheels is a program that has been around since 1954. It originated in Philadelphia as a way to support our senior neighbors all over the world. Meals on wheels is the oldest and largest national organization that is dedicated to senior nutritional needs. The program has over two million volunteers around the country, and it includes not only the delivery of food, but also friendly visits and safety checks as well.
As of 2007, Meals on Wheels has partnered with Texas state legislators to pass a bill that would help develop “Texans Feeding Texans”. These programs delver 3,000 meals EACH DAY to homebound adults and people with disabilities.This event has gone on since the year 2008, and they have raised an average of $3,000 a year. Empty Bowls is a movement all over the world, created by artists and creators to help round up the members in their community to help those that need it during the holiday season. The pieces for auction range from things such as plates vases, bowls, etc. They also range in size and color, just waiting to get auctioned off for the perfect user. The Wynne Home Arts and Visitor Center is always looking for volunteers to come and glaze bowls for the fundraiser. In order to register for the event, call 936-291-5954

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