Exam Cram put on by the SAM center to provide tutors and snacks

The Program Council presented its annual Exam Cram on December 5th in the LSC Orange Ballroom. They had snacks and de-stress bags for all those who attended. They provided students with a quiet environment to study for finals as this fall semester comes to an end.

Studying for finals can be rough on many students especially when they are not in a study environment. By providing students with a quiet and comfortable space on campus, it motivates them tremendously as we have seen each semester this event is put on. They provided comfort food and snacks as well as a treat for all the hard work leading up to this point in the year. Students have many different options for studying for final exams. Some rest up the night before, attempting to remember what they crammed the night before. Others spend several weeks preparing. And some even just cross their fingers and hope for the best. The Exam Cram is a place where no matter what you do in preparation for your tests, you are welcomed.

Program Council (PC) is the SHSU official student event planning board of Sam Houston State University consisting of a board of eight student leaders, who design events that not only engage the campus community, but also foster a sense of belonging. They plan an average of 60 events per year like PC Bingo night, LSC Takeover and Miss Sam Houston Scholarship Pageant. With every event that PC hosts, they strive to cultivate an inclusive campus environment that enhances the Bearkat experience.

With events such as these, the campus is brought together and beautiful friendships are formed when students realize they are not alone in this. College can be very isolating but PC strives to create a space where students can put themselves out there and be seen. This is what makes the Sam Houston campus a true family and creates such a tight bond between students and staff. Students at the event seemed to have had a great time in the peace and quiet and some even played board games & cards that were offered as a fun break from studying. They had chips and dip and tons of other snacks.

Student organizations help enhance leadership skills. According to an article published by Sam Houston State University, on campus organizations permit students to “take duties or challenges to take and make the change in a community” and “provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to be a great leader”. These are qualities that they will take with them after college. In a study conducted by the University of Arizona, more than half the students surveyed said that joining student organizations permitted them to enhance their leadership skills.

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