Midnight breakfast at the library

   It’s Finals week at Sam Houston State University and several students might find this to be the most stressful week of the semester.

  The Newton Gresham Library on campus hosted the Midnight Breakfast in the Library event on Monday, December 5 for students to take a break from studying for finals. Coloring stations as well as pancakes, bacon, eggs, and coffee were offered to students participating at the event.

The event took place from 11:45 PM to 12:15 AM extending regular building hours and was hosted to help students relax and distress.

  “I think that the Midnight Breakfast was much needed for us students so we could relax during this hectic week”, says Nicholas Hernandez, a Sam Houston State University Freshman.

  Students were given the opportunity to have breakfast and sit to enjoy company time with their friends and fellow peers and use the coloring stations as a bit of distraction.

  “It was a nice little event. I enjoyed getting to spend some time to relax”, says Elizabeth Georges, a Sam Houston State University Senior. “I’m about to graduate on Saturday and I am really going to miss spending time at the library. It’s the perfect place to study. I really appreciate that they hosted an event like this for us to distress and have fun”.

  As mentioned in the University’s main website, the Newton Gresham Library’s mission is to create an environment that supports and enhances the development of critically thinking, educated, and informed lifelong learners.

  The library offers students a study space or group space to help students through their studying sessions. Students are able to make a reservation online through their SHSU account. The library also offers students computers to help them do their work or take their online exams. Any questions should be directed to the Library Service Desk. Students are advised to know their final exam schedules in order to better prepare and plan study sessions.

   The Newton’s Gresham Library is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Students are allowed to schedule an appointment with a librarian for any help they might need. To contact the library, students can text their questions through the number (936) 229-3764,  email the library at Library@shsu.edu or call (936)294-1614.

Nicholas Hernandez: Nphernandez2004@hotmail.com

Elizabeth Georges: (832) 684-7839

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