What Sam Houston Students Should Know about Summer and Fall Semester Advisement

Advising starts February sixth for the summer and fall semesters at Sam Houston State. All students should get advised before registering for their courses and the next semester. However, getting advised can be quite stressful and intimidating since students are planning out their semesters so far in advance. However, there is nothing to fear since advisors are there to help along the way. Meeting with advisors is a great way to help students get an idea of what their next semester at Sam Houston State could have in store for them. No matter what major, degree, or concentration students should always meet with their advisor before registering for classes in the next semester. Advisers are there to help guide and inform of what options might be available that students have not previously explored or even considered. Advisers help plan out a student’s course schedule for the next semester, as well as planning out what the student can take for the remainder of their time at Sam Houston State. They can provide effective ways to complete courses and direct students to the right places when it comes to other questions that they might have. If students have any questions prior to their meeting they should write them down so that they are able to aske their advisors.

Prior to getting advised, students should know who their advisor for their major is. Students can find that information on the Sam Houston State University website. When a student knows who the advisor is before booking their appointment it can make the process smoother and make the student less nervous to speak with the advisor regarding any questions or concerns that they have with classes, majors, or degree plans. Knowing who their advisor is can put the student more at ease and make them feel more prepared when planning out their schedules. Knowing who the student advisor is before the appointment is also important so that the student can email the advisor if they have any questions before the appointment.

Registration for the summer begins March 21st and registration for the fall begins April fourth for 2023 which means that students should start getting advised very soon. Students can book advising appointments via zoom, in person and over email. Appointments are also available multiple times during the day and during the weeks. This is super helpful especially for students who are quite busy and are unable to make it in person. Having options makes advising a lot less stressful on the student. When students book an advising appointment, they can get advised for both the summer and the fall semesters. However, students can book more than one advising session if they have multiple questions for the following semesters. Booking more than one appointment can help the student break down what they have concerns about and through speaking with their advisor those concerns can get addressed and solutions can be found. If an advisor is not able to help in that certain area, they are able to refer students to somebody who would know more information about that topic and further help them. 

 Booking an advising appointment for the summer and fall semester is quite easy and worry free. For more information students can contact the Sam Center of the or visit the university website and click the link that takes you to the Sam Center information page.

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