Smash Mobile Rage Room

The Smash mobile rage room made a stop today at Sam Houston set up in the
Lowman student center on Valentine’s day February 14th, 2023 at 11:00 AM in room 250.
Students could decorate the plates to their liking including the name of an Ex-Valentine of theirs
and smash the plates into the ground to relieve the stress of the holiday.

Students showed up in Heards to the Smash mobile booth setup at the LSC and spent
the morning smashing plates for the holiday hoping to have fun and break things after
decorating plates with a bit of color made it more enjoyable to erase the drawings by breaking
them pieces.

The reservoir of plates for breaking one per person run by Anabel Dejesus (right)
Student Nya Williams shatters a glass plate.
Student Kayla Davis Throws the plate.
Students show up in groups to decorate plates before shattering them
Adam V. (Left) Charle C. (Middle) Alyssa F. (Right)
The students smashed the plates from within the yellow tape on the floor at a safe
distance to prevent the loose glass from bouncing back at them.
Remains of broken plates left over in the Smash mobile tent
Two students Isabel Vasquez (Left) Kameton Masley (Right)

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