Single Mom; Full-time student

by Brooke Daniels

Contributing Reporter

Students often stress about many different topics, like whether they; might miss the deadline on an important paper, if they have enough time to study for an exam, or if they’ll have time to hang out with their friends after class. I have the same stress, but mine is a little different. My stress involves trying to fit in a timed exam, but having to stop in the middle of it to run to a screaming toddler who needs a diaper change, and then run back to the test in hopes there is still enough time to finish it. 

Right after I graduated high school I decided to attend college. I got a few years under my belt, but then life happened and I decided to step away from school for a little bit. Fast forward fifteen years later and here I am with a full-time job, and a beautiful two year old daughter.

But, your perspective on everything changes once you have children. You develop a whole new purpose in life because you have someone that fully depends on you in order to survive. I was fine and content just living my life with my job and my dog. Once my little girl came into the world, everything changed.

I decided I wanted more for her, I wanted to give her everything that I could. I never want to see her struggle a day in her life or not have anything that she wants or needs. This is why I decided that it would be smart for me to go back to school and finish my degree. Did the thought of working forty hours a week, having a two year old daughter, and a full workload of school on my plate scare me? Absolutely. It terrified me, actually. But, I decided to dig in and make the sacrifice for a year. I told myself, in the end it will all be worth it for my daughter. 

It’s so funny for me look back on my life when I had first started college at the age of eighteen, and think I was just so busy! If I could tell that girl anything, it would be to enjoy the cramming for exams and the late night study sessions with no interruptions.

But, I would also tell her to look forward to the chaos of being a single, working mom, that decided to add college back into the picture. So, the next time you are stressed about having to get homework in, or the class time you have is getting in the way of you going out and having food and drinks with your friends- just remember you could always be busier and life could always be more chaotic.

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