Emergency Posts on Campus

While some view it as a necessity, others view it as outdated.

Emergency call boxes are a common sighting on college campuses. Contrary to popular belief, they get used more often than you may think. Students are advised to use emergency call boxes as an alternative way to report a crime.

According to Terri Mock, a writer for Rave Mobile Safety, blue light emergency call boxes became popular on college campuses in the 80s.

According to the Sam Houston State University website, “They are a rapid means for reporting emergencies and crimes, in addition to requesting police or other emergency assistance.”

However, students also receive weather and crime alerts on KatSafe.

KatSafe is an emergency alert system that sends emergency alerts to Sam Houston’s staff students’ phones. This is done through email, phone call, and text messages.

University police officers at Sam Houston patrol the campus 24/7.

There are 20 call boxes on campus and can be found outside of most residence halls. In addition, they are used as emergency warning speakers. Although most students have not used the emergency call box, some say that they are still necessary.

“If someone feels that they need help, and they don’t have a way of contacting a friend or the police, the boxes could then be very useful,” says Sam Houston student Ema Hysten.

According to a University Police Department staff member, the call boxes are used two to three times a month on average.

An issue arises with the advanced technology that exists today. Emergency call boxes are not portable. Therefore, someone in danger would be inclined to use there cell phone in case of an emergency.

Should students be in an immediate danger situation, they are advised to run. Waiting two to five minutes for the police to arrive could put a victim in more danger.

Although the call boxes may seem irrelevant or outdated, uses for them still remain relevant.

Even though cell phones are used with more frequency, emergency call boxes could allow someone to alert and call for help.

In addition, knowing that a means of communication is available, in a case that no cell phone is available, boosts the safety morale of students on college campuses.

Despite the seemingly low use of emergency call posts, the safety of even one person on the campus of Sam Houston outways the redundancy of the call posts existence.

Students on Sam Houston’s campus who feel they are in immediate danger should call 911, SHSU PD dispatch at 936-294-1000 or use an emergency call box located on campus.

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