Campus Easter Egg Hunt

Sam Houston State University Program Council’s Annual Egg-stravaganza

On April fourth the Sam Houston State University Program Council held their annual Program council Egg-stravaganza in the Lowman Student Center. 

By Calyn Dugat

On April 4, the Sam Houston State University Program Council held their annual Program Council Egg-stravaganza. This event is where the program council hides eggs all around the Lowman Student Center with various prizes inside. Some of the eggs contain candy, little trinkets, and other small prizes, while other eggs contain larger prizes. The egg hunt is a great interactive way for students to really get to explore the Lowman Student Center while also having fun. This event is a great way to get students excited about exploring the LSC building and all the locations within it.

Having events like these on campus is also important because it allows students to view. The campus is not just a place where they must attend school, but also is a place where they can have fun. The Program Council Egg-Stravaganza first began in the spring of 2017. The event was three days long and eggs were hidden all throughout the Lowman Student Center mall area. Some of the eggs contain facts about Easter, while others contain various prizes for all the students who choose to participate.

The Program Council advertised the egg hunt throughout the week before and the week of which allowed for a great turnout of eggs hidden all throughout the LSC. Everywhere in the LSC students were spotted with cracked open eggs of their own that they had discovered hidden in various locations. Just simply walking through the LSC some of the eggs were hidden in plain sight, but others were just out in the open, waiting for somebody to find them. This allowed practically every student to participate in the event and share the event with their friends. This event brought lots of students together to hunt for exciting prizes in eggs. Even if they didn’t find the eggs with the fun prizes in them, they were still able to have fun and enjoy the event all together.

Events like this help to bring students together with a common goal. Some students gather and form small teams to find as many eggs as they can and to hopefully find at least one of the eggs that has one of the bigger prizes in it. While other students preferred to hunt for the eggs alone. These events help to create unity and add some fun to the students’ daily school life. The general excitement, and hope that students portray while participating in these events, makes them even more excited for other students. This event helps students from every graduating class come together on the hunt for eggs.

The Program Council is helping unite students with a fun and entertaining experience. The Program Council annual Egg-Stravaganza was as much of a success this year as it has been in previous years. Many students came together, collected eggs, and had a great time in the Lowman Student Center.

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