Common Reader Deliberations in LSC

The 2023 Common Reader for Sam Houston State University is Sitting Pretty with Rebekah Taussig. The event will take place on April 20, 2023. In this event, Deliberative dialogues and critical thinking discussion will take place. Taussig will do an elaboration over her book where students will be able to engage with her. She will talk about themes of the book, discuss topics that are related to the theme of the book, and will provide scholarships or the book as well. For the scholarships, RSVP to the Common Reader event is required. The objective of the scholarship is interpreting information from book and applying that information to real life. Many organizations will be involved in the Common Reader event. One of the most noticeable organizations that will be involved in The Common Reader event is SHSU Diversity due to the theme of The Common Reader.

The emphasis of the book focuses on building diversity for students across the world. SHSU’s Diversity Organization strives to live up to Sam Houston’s motto, “A Measure of Life is it’s Service”, by making sure that everyone feels appreciated, respected, and cared for as a Bearkat. Kezia Fredrick, a member of SHSU’s diversity organization, has stated, “Representatives of SHSU’s Diversity Organization Will be involved in the event for Sitting Pretty. We have been involved in multiple Common Reader events, and we hope to continue to help serve the students of Sam Houston State University.” The SHSU Diversity Organization strives to benefit students in every way they possibly can. The Common Reader event is a perfect example for SHSU Diversity to be able to reach out to other students. Diversity comes in all shapes and sizes. From different heights, ethnicities, demographics, and so much more. The book, Sitting Pretty, helps the Diversity community to understand that no matter what condition you are in, you can always end up Sitting pretty.

The author of Sitting Pretty, Rebekah Taussig, is a woman who is disabled. Even though she is disabled, she understands that beauty comes from within.  It’s the type of person you are on the inside that considers you, “pretty”. As a member of SHSU Diversity, Kezia was able to resonate with her. Even though Kezia is not in the position Taussig is in, she is still a woman that sees that beauty within a person lies within themselves. Kezia has stated, “As a woman of color growing up in an environment with individuals who weren’t like me was difficult. I struggled to fit in because I felt too “white-washed”, but when I came Sam Houston, I understood that I would be able to fit in being who I truly am. This is why I joined SHSU Diversity. I’m hoping that Sitting Pretty will have a great turnout.”.

The second most important organization that will be involved in The Common Reader event is SHSU ASC. SHSU ASC will be organizing the event for the students to come. ASC stands for Academic Success Center. The Academic Success Center has a committee that organizes these types of events. Ashley Muldrew, a tutor for ASC, has told me, “Sitting Pretty is vital for the students I tutor. We encourage them to attend these events. We do it to help them engage within the culture of Sam Houston.”. She is not attending the event, but she loves to see the students she tutors to attend these events. Ashley also said, “Many students who go to the common reader events will help benefit them academically as well. Many of the students I tutor go through different circumstances, so the least I can do to help is encourage them to go.”

Common readers are beneficial to the students at Sam Houston State University. Common readers help to make students feel belonged and engaged. Moreover, scholarship opportunities are there for students who are dedicated to benefiting the life they live on campus. Sitting Pretty, the common reader of this event, is helping to make the students love themselves and the campus they call home, Sam Houston State University.

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