Written Requirements

  1. Email story to
  2. Story must be accompanied by an ORIGINAL photograph with the name of the person that took/submitted the photo. It must be the intellectual property of the sender or have the photographer’s contact information to verify it is an original image.
  3. Story should be at least 300 words.
  4. Story must be sumbitted as an attached Microsoft Word document in the email.
  5. Story must have an author’s name attached to it.
  6. If the story includes quotes, all quotes must attributed to an individual (first and last names, no anonymous quotes).
  7. Include the section the story is composed for: Campus News, Community News, Art & Entertainment, Opinions, or Sports.

* Stories submitted to The Houstonian are subject to the editing process and may or may not be published. If you have any questions about contributions, please contact The Houstonian at (936) 294-1495 or email

Multimedia Requirements

Video must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo at 420p or higher quality.
Audio must be uploaded to SoundCloud.
Photos should be uploaded to a cloud drive (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.) Photos need to be a minimum of 940 x 580 pixels.

Please note that media may be edited for time or to meet ourbranding  and content guidelines. Please Contact Us if you have any questions prior to submission.

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