Survivor’s Samburu tribe fights among themselves, goes to their first tribal council

Samburu wasted no time plotting alliances Thursday night. Younger tribe members Lindsey, Silas, Kim and Brandon demonstrated their solidarity by crafting bead necklaces for their group. “It’s was flaunting right in their face that there are four of us and four of you. It’s a game, and it was our strategy to really drive them crazy and say ‘hey, we are really unified,'” said Kim Powers.Thursday night’s reward challenge called for tribe members to guide a large boulder through an obstacle course. Boran took an early lead after Samburu was forced to backtrack, which ultimately led Boran to win their first challenge and 100 gallons of water. Tension at the Samburu camp flared after younger members hung back while older members ventured off to work.”Of course I go get the water, because if I didn’t, it’s not going to get done,” said elder member Carl.”(The older members) are conniving, miserable little people walking around talking about us, so don’t ever forget that,” said Brandon, the 25-year-old bartender.While the elder members were away working all day, younger tribe members treated themselves to the entire tribe’s daily rations with little remorse. On the Boran front, members found lion tracks during the day around their camp. Tribe members began reinforcing their fence to protect the camp.Lex said, “If we encounter a lion during the day, we have to remain completely still. As soon as we run away, you immediately throw a signal that you are prey.”Last week’s immunity challenge tested contestants survival techniques. Each team had to create a distress signal that could be seen from a plane. Samburu used their circular campsite for the “O” in SOS. Lindsey over-exerted herself and became dehydrated. Linda tried to come to her aid, but Lindsey turned her away.”One of the things Lindsey likes to say everyday is how strong she is. She is the strongest person that she knows. I guess she’s not that strong,” said Linda.Boran members stripped down to their underwear and danced around their colorful display. Judges said Boran’s was more distinguishable because it was out in the open, as opposed to Samburu’s that blended in with the brush. Samburu was sent to their first tribal council, where Carl and Lindsey were tied for dismissal until Lindsey broke the tie by answering survival questions. This left the younger members with four members and the elder members with three. The war doesn’t seem to be between Boran and Samburu, but between Samburu and itself.The next episode of Survivor will air Thursday on CBS.

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