Don’t look at it!

With this issue being our last of the spring semester, I wanted to go out with a bang (once again) and respond to Ms. Jones’, Letter to the Editor from last Thursday’s issue. She really pissed me off. She sounds like one of those close-minded hypocrits.

The first major part that ticked me off was the fact that she says she was offended, yet she explained in such great detail, what the two men were doing. Um, get over it?!

Ms. Jones if you were so offended, why didn’t you just turn your head. To write your letter, you must have had to write on paper to yourself in “great detail” what the two men were doing in all four pictures. Guess you weren’t that offended if you had to look that long and look so close.

And really Ms. Jones, is it really trash? Go to the University of Texas and look through their museums and galleries. You’ll see a whole lot more porn than you will angel-like behavior.

We are all over 18, we are adults and we do know that “boys have a penis and girls have a vagina,” compliments of “Kindergarten Cop”.

And hell, how many non-communication majors walk in our building anyway? Ms. Jones, you made more people come look at the artwork, then I guess, what you were trying to prevent. Maybe you’ll think before you speak next time.

And the last thing–you say you are all for freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Obviously you aren’t, since you’re whining about how horrible the pictures are. Um, that’s what the photographers are doing, expressing their ideas.

My advice to you Ms. Jones is: don’t look at it, if you don’t like it!

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