Temporary Teaching Certificate

Hello Walker County Parents. Today, Don McLeory (State Board of Education District 9) supported a change in the educational system to provide Texas high school students with the least prepared teachers since the early 1900s. Mr. McLeory unconditionally supported the “Temporary Teaching Certificate” which now allows noncertified individuals masquerading as “high quality” teachers to be placed directly into the classrooms of our children without parent notification. These new “teachers” will not be enrolled in any teacher preparation program, and supposedly the new “teacher” will receive training and mentoring from cash strapped districts in Walker County. Did I miss something? Did the state provide new funding to schools to support teacher preparation? I guess Mr. McLeory believes our children will achieve academic excellence from underprepared “teachers” working on the “Temporary Teaching Certificate.” If you are unhappy about Mr. McLeory’s view on education, you might want to give him a call at 979.255.2538. or fax a letter to 979.846.1174.

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