A student’s farewell to home

Dear President Gaertner:

You may not know this, but I’m a resident of Roy Adams House.During the preparations for Hurricane Rita, you stopped to take a picture with my fellow residents and I. You might not remember this, but I do. I only mention this because strangely enough, that picture may be the last group picture the house takes.In a little under a month and a half, the residents of Adams house will be moving to locations unknown.

We’re told, this is so that our house can be renovated so that it can be used as office space for the soon to be torn down Wilson-Frels complex, which is scheduled to be torn down in the summer.

First, let me congratulate you on an excellent selection. I’m rather fond of the house myself.It’s located in a nice part of campus, has handicap access and if you stand out on the front porch long enough, you’re sure to meet interesting and friendly people.

All of these are factors that have had me staying in that house over the past three years. The question I have is why were the residents of Adams House not notified sooner that they’d have to find alternative housing situations in the spring? Less than two months seems to be a bit short notice.

When I found out about this, I went to the SHSU website to find out about the construction plans.All I could seem to find was the outdated master plan that has the new science building in a completely different location. I realize plans change, and truth be told, I think the science building is in a much better location now.The problem is that for students looking for information on when construction is going to take place, it is strangely difficult to find.

I know that the university doesn’t want to show its cards early, but why hasn’t the master plan at least been updated with the new changes? Why is the house being renovated in the spring when the buildings aren’t coming down until the summer? Can these events not take place at the same time? And why move anything in to the house if it’s scheduled to come down in a few years anyway, if the master plan is correct?

I understand that these types of choices are not always easy.I imagine that for everyone involved, the prospect of moving around 37 students is not one they look forward to or take any joy in.The problem is that many of those students are looking for answers and not really getting them. Some of them don’t like the idea of moving due to the financial burden they may incur; others will simply miss the community that they’ve built up over the years. Whatever the reason may be, these students and myself, will miss the place they’ve called home over the last few semesters.

In the end, I’m glad for the memories I have of Adams House. Be it the strange social interactions, the random fire drills, or yes, even the chance to get a picture taken with you, they’re all part of my experience here at SHSU.I hope that if nothing else, the house is put to good use.Not for alumni, not for the administration and not for the student body but for the group of students who over the years have called it more than just a house.

It was our home. And we’ll miss it.

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