Administration announces plans for improvements to McAdams Tennis Center

With the continual upgrade of existing athletic facilities, Athletic Director Bobby Williams recently announced plans for major renovations to the McAdams Tennis Center.

The courts, which were last resurfaced in 1997, have seen various cracks and creates become apparent over the last nine and a half years.

Currently, the goal is to have the resurfacing completed by the end of February.

“It’s been so long, the integrity of the court’s surface doesn’t exist anymore,” Sam Houston State University Tennis coach Jim Giachino said. “It will be very helpful for both matches and practices. It’s good for our Athletic Administration to make an effort to upgrade it.”

The current upgrade of the courts is something, which Giachino also said, he hopes can help propel the team to notoriety.

“We want to build a program with good recruits and good matches. We need a facility that mirrors the expectations of our program,” Giachino said.

As for future improvements to the McAdams Tennis Center, Williams said his hope is to make changes to help improve not only the seating, but also the lighting and install new wind screens.

One proposed idea is to build a large stand of bleachers in the middle of the tennis center, where currently a fence resides to separate the two sets of four tennis courts. This would potentially enable spectators to watch multiple games going on at one time. Also allow for a better view, than what the current bleachers allow installed on the outside of the tennis courts

With the courts also being used by Recreational Sports, the Kinesiology department, as well as students and faculty, the new courts will affect everyone.

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