A day in the shoes of: Justin Baylor

Shoes: 9 1/2 Nike Air Max

Although he is graduating at the end of the fall semester, Justin Baylor will not have to look far for a job.

In fact, he’s already light-years beyond many seasoned workers, since he’s a CEO, head producer, engineer, promoter and artist for his own company, Advisory Entertainment. With film aspirations and a strong musical background, Baylor has been balancing school and building a career.

How does he do it? He’s not even entirely sure.

To find out, he let The Houstonian see a glimpse into a typical Saturday.

8 a.m. – “First Hello.” Justin rolls out of bed and pours a glass of orange juice for breakfast (he also likes Cap’n Crunch Berries). He picks out a cap, not an easy feat since he owns a lot of caps. He also loves the color green, and likes to stand out a little bit. “I always like to be different,” Baylor says. “I strive to be different in everything, to have it reflect my personality.”

9 a.m. – “Gotta Get the Paper.” After deciding on today’s “look,” it’s time to review last night’s work with fresh ears. Because, you know, last night’s great ideas are not always this morning’s masterpieces. For the next few hours, he works with beats, answers phone calls and text messages, and whatever else needs to be done.

12 p.m – 2 p.m. – “Three Step Plan.” Los Angeles to Florida and back to Dallas, Justin’s contacts criss-cross the nation. This particular afternoon, he confers with his L.A. branch. He works closely with two Dallas-based artists, Anime and Poet K. During summer and winter, he travels from location to location, packing as much work as possible into his school vacations. His planner is full of impressive business cards, appointments, and page upon page of notes, inspirations, and goals. “It all starts up with ideas,” he says. “If you write down your goals, you constantly have to look at them, and then you see yourself accomplish them.”

2 p.m. – Dusk – “Class Announcement.” Baylor receives a shipment of fliers and posters, ready for packaging and distribution around town. With a stack of CD’s and inserts in hand, he “hits the streets.” His haunts include the Lizard Lounge, Exxon (or “the Wal-Mart of gas stations” as he likes to call it), Insomnia and independent music distributors. Justin goes anywhere he can strike a mutually beneficial relationship.

Dusk – Dawn – “Feeling Jipper.” Tonight he meets up with some of his collaborators: Tony, from GOAT Productions, and “Christina of all trades.” The local club Insomnia has his CD distribution material set up already, ready for his entrance. At the moment, he is promoting his recent work, “Joe College, the Mix Tape,” and in return his popularity is bringing in more customers. It’s a win-win situation, and just another facet of his unique career. After hitting the scene, he spends the rest of the night just hanging out, spending time with friends and a special someone he just calls “Juicy.”

While finishing up his last few classes at Sam, Baylor is continually working to further his success. His influence is visible in local clubs and stores, his MySpace, http://www.myspace.com/jbthechosen, and even with the new Sam Houston Football song, to be played at the upcoming Homecoming game.

All in all, Baylor is a man on a mission with a beat to share on the way.

“I’m here to do film, and my ultimate goal is to direct,” Baylor said. “Music just happens to be a passionate hobby I get paid for.”

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