A&M professor to reveal cell effect on disorders

Hongmin Qin, assistant professor of biology at Texas A&M University, will discuss her research on cells and cell health on Thursday (Dec. 3).

The SHSU Biological Science Department Seminar Series lecture will be held from 4-5 p.m. in Lee Drain Building Room 214.

Qin’s research focuses on cilia, “cellular structures that are important for functions such as cell-to-cell communication, control of cell division, and maintenance of cell health,” according to Anne Gaillard, SHSU assistant professor of cell biology.

“More specifically, she will explain how these structures are assembled, and how defects in the assembly process can cause disorders such as blindness, kidney malfunction and obesity,” Gaillard said.

Qin has been a part of the TAMU faculty since 2006.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Shandong University in China and her doctorate in genetics from the Institute of Microbiology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Qin also did postdoctoral work at Yale University.

Held each Thursday, the seminar series is intended for the public and addresses current research being conducted by a guest professor in a way that the general public can understand.

For more information, contact Chad Hargrave, assistant professor of biological sciences, at 936.294.1543.

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