Athletic director Bobby Williams wins President’s Culinary Challenge second year in a row

Bobby Williams, athletic director won Sam Houston State University’s third annual President’s Culinary Challenge where seven presidential cabinet members compete against each other to see who can prepare the best dish.

President Dana Gibson, Ph.D., Al Hooten, VP of finance, Frank Homes, VP of veteran affairs, Heather Thielemann, Vice President of enrollment management, Frank Parker, VP of student services, Mark Adams, VP of information technology, and Williams all participated in the event on Wednesday.

While this event originally was used for the grand opening of Old Main Market three years ago, it has grown into something that both the staff and students enjoy, according to Jimmy Williams, head director of the President’s Culinary Challenge.

“We hope to keep making it better from year to year,” Williams said, “And it is definitely something that our staff and students can look forward to in the future.”

Students gathered in the cafeteria where they were presented with an array of different types and styles of food, and were able to choose between dishes like Thai Noodles, and a BBQ quesadilla.

“I enjoy this event because it gives us not only the chance to branch out in what we eat, but it’s a fun and exciting new environment.” Haley Harrison, freshman, said as she ate Chef Adam’s creation.

One of the big changes this year was made in how the students voted, and what they voted for. The voting was changed from a physical vote to online voting on the student’s phone, or on an iPad while exiting, and they were asked three questions instead of one. They were given the choice to pick their favorite chef, their favorite dish, and then to rank all seven dishes on a scale of ‘least favorite’ to ‘favorite’.

Williams is maintaining his title from last year’s competition.

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