Dances @ 8′ showcases dance in community

Dances @ 8″ raised money and awareness about the different types of dance being performed at SHSU Thursday and Friday in the Performing Arts Center Dance Theatre.

The Dance Honor Society Chi Tau Epsilon hosts the event each semester in order to get people in the community involved in dance.

“We really want (Sam Houston State University) to see what dance is,” Kristen Newsom, Chi Tau historian, said. “A lot of people don’t have access to it cause of where they’re from, and we just want to get the message out about dance, and also raise money for our organization.”

Many enjoyed the different dances presented this past week during the event. There were nine pieces performed, ranging from different genres such as traditional Mexican dance to step. The crowd was pleased with the unique performances and even cheered on their favorite dancer.

Although some performers are part of the dance department, many were not.

“Anybody on campus can submit a piece,” Grace Wilson, sophomore representative, said.

The event started out with a piece titled “No Agenda,” and ended with “Region de Jalisco.” No one can deny the difference in performance, each one bringing a unique type of dance to the stage. However different each piece was, the audience was able to enjoy them.

“The fundraiser is done each semester in order to bring money for the organization because they are generally poor,” Newsom said. “Basically we use the money that we make on this show to make another show. So the money that we raise here, in this show, would transfer into next semester’s Dances @ 8.”

They are always looking for a new act to perform during the event for each semester. A lot of the performers in last week’s dance found out about it through their friends.

“Basically, we have a lot of people in other activities and other groups on campus,” Newsom said. “It’s word of mouth. If somebody knows someone in the department, they come talk to us. We also put up flyers. Basically just get the word out.”

For more information in performing in next semester’s event or information about the society, contact Chi Tau Epsilon.

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