Latin culture to be displayed at Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival is making its way to Sam Houston State University for the first time through the work of multiple student organizations.

Brought to campus by Bailamos Latin Dance, Spanish Conversation Club, and Multi Cultural Student Services, Rio carnival originated from Rio de Janeiro and is celebrated throughout most Catholic countries. Rio Carnival is the largest carnival in the world, bringing Brazil approximately half a million foreign tourists each year.

Although it is celebrated for five days beginning Friday the 13th and ending on Fat Tuesday as an ode to glitter and all bodily pleasures, SHSU’s celebration will be condensed into one wild night of drool inducing food, live entertainment, and cultural experiences.

Bailamos club dancers will be spreading awareness of Latin culture by performing in costume to the music of a live band in various styles of Spanish dance with an emphasis on the rhythmical Brazilian dance, the samba.

The carnival hopes to bring students and faculty together for a night of cultural celebration and awareness. Students can partake in free food, give-aways, masks and face painting.

“I think it will give a great name not only to the Latin community, but just Bailamos in general and it will be a safe haven for people to come out to and just have fun,” Bailamos and Spanish Conversation club president Kerrie Hall said.

Bailamos is a Latin dance organization at SHSU that teaches the community about Latin and Afro Latin culture through dance. The organization was created three semesters ago, however Rio Carnival is the club’s first self-headed event, funded by the Campus Life Development Fund and Multi Cultural Student Services, along with donations from family and friends.

“We just want everyone to come out, enjoy some free food, some good performances, have a good time, and meet new people you haven’t met before,” Hall said.

Rio Carnival will be held tomorrow in the LSC Ballroom from 7 to 10 p.m.

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