New and old SHSU FAMC students settle into new “Creative Community”

The SHSU campus has been buzzing since the beginning of 2015 when announcements were made that the university was breaking ground on a completely new and unique type of dorm. The Belvin-Buchanan Hall has been converted into the new “Creative Community” and is now officially open.

The Creative Community is a space that has been built in the lower level of the Belvin-Buchanan Hall, designed specifically and exclusively for students majoring in Fine Arts and Mass Communications who have chosen to reside in the Belvin dorm for the 2015-2016 school year.

This was designed to be a space where FAMC students can utilize state of the art facilities to work on assignments for their various classes as well as to practice and work on personal and creative projects.

Many FAMC students have moved into the Belvin-Buchanan dorm this semester. Some of them returning upper classmen and many new freshmen.

Freshman theatre major Christopher Cinquemani explained why the Creative Community is a great space to have access to. Cinquemani talked about the many different ways students can utilize the facilities.

“It’s really useful because it’s a quiet place to come and get stuff done,” Cinquemani said. “We have state of the art stuff in this area and to have it at [our] disposal instead of [having to] go out and buy or rent things. [It’s very convenient] to just be able to come here and use it right here. It’s a really good choice that they made to build this because it’s a really good creative community.”

The brand new space includes different facilities and equipment for students to use at their disposal. Inside the space there is a dance rehearsal hall, a handful of music isolation rooms, a recording studio and a small theater complete with a stage space and a projector screen.

Residents of Belvin-Buchanan dorm not only have access to the space for academic purposes, but for personal and entertainment purposes as well.

Freshman dance major Hope Zehler discusses the different ways students have already started to make use of the space for school as well as social purposes.

“Some people play movies in the theater from their laptops on the projector screen,” Zehler said. “It’s really good for networking too. You can meet so many people [from different departments].”

That is not all the Creative Community has to offer. The space also contains several computers equipped with editing software and programs that can be used by studio art majors as well as mass communications students. There is a large lounge space in the main section of the Creative Community where residents can socialize with other students as well as relax and do school work.

Students are impressed and excited about the ease of access to the Creative Community. The facility is open to residents 24 hours a day which gives them a place to work and rehearse without having to travel to the different areas on campus.

Zehler discussed the convenience of having a space to utilize so close to home.

“It’s just easier. Being a dancer, I don’t have to be at the Performing Arts Center to rent a room. I can just be downstairs in the dance hall and use it whenever.”

Belvin-Buchanan Hall is one of the older dorms on the SHSU campus. The exclusivity of access of the Creative Community to its residents sparks a new desire for students to live in the Belvin dorm.

Cinquemani explained how the addition of the Creative Community has affected the way students see the Belvin dorm and has made it a more desirable place for FAMC students to live.

“They literally just finished this as we started our school year,” Cinquemani said. “I think this bumps up the dorm in quality and value.”

Students are excited to use the Creative Community to work and practice, hopefully improving in their areas of study and passion as well as having a fantastic space to relax and hang out with other Fine Arts students.

Cinquemani said he is excited to have access to the Creative Community and how it is a great luxury to have for the first year of college.

“It’s the year we have to use it, so we feel very privileged to have it.” Cinquemani said.

The Creative Community is predicted to be a very well loved addition to the SHSU campus and Fine Arts facilities.

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