You won’t ace if you procrastinate


The clock strikes midnight as you begin last minute cramming for that test you’ve known about for weeks. Your exam is at 9 a.m. and you search every crevice of your mind for a way out of this rock and hard place you’ve trapped yourself between. Every moment the clock ticks, the second hand strikes and your temple twitches, reminding you that time is running out. The anxiety builds in your gut and the regret encompasses you. “Why did I let Sue talk me into going to the Fox last night… and then that after party… and then… yeah.” Let that hurt go procrastinating students. You’ve made your bed, not well I might add, and now it is time to lie in it. But alas! There may be some hope for you.

I’m sure you’ve found yourself face-to-face with a disgruntled professor, barking out lines of the syllabus on those days beginning the semester. The professor tries to get you to see the error of your ways by repeating meaningless statistics and past class analysis. Now, while all of the professors facts are true, you still just couldn’t wrap your head around doing what was clearly going to seal the deal between you and that A, could you? Don’t fret, you are not alone at all my friend. Despite the fact that you are working against yourself and hindering your own success, there is still hope for you. So what do you do with this troublesome habit? You make a choice. Assess your own logic as well as weighing the issues out and ACT. Emphasis on the ACT because applying action to this process is the way for anything to work out in your favor. Good study habits take time to acquire and adapt to. Since you clearly have no sense of what time truly is, take a second to think this through.

First thing’s first, get your head out of the clouds. If you’re like me, you’ve got goals on top of goals and ambition to one day soar above the competition. Well, Rome wasn’t built on hopes and wishes or on the backs of workers who swore they’d start once their favorite chariot race was over. No, (Not that I would know personally) it was built on blood, sweat and tears, so start working.

Secondly, when choosing where to begin your studying, do not, I repeat, DO NOT choose the coziest spot available. The majority of you should probably seek a nice hard seat in a quiet library corner to keep you awake and alert. Starbucks is within reach and will give you the extra kick you may need to stay on track.

Thirdly, Plan ahead and stay organized! I realize as a busy college student you are swamped with balancing school, maybe work, and a social life, but you need to learn how to organize and prioritize your time. Don’t fall victim to the terror of procrastination.

Finally, I leave you with this. If you continue to say “maybe later” or “I’ll find time tomorrow,” then tomorrow will arrive with no time allotted for you to cram. As first exams approach, I hope you consider these considerations and make what time you have matter.

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