El Gordo’s: Bang for your buck

Good food doesn’t come cheap, and cheap food isn’t always good. Thankfully there is a hole in the wall restaurant near campus called El Gordo’s Taqueria that manages to be delicious without breaking the bank.

In a town full of Tex-Mex options, El Gordo’s far out shines its competition. The restaurant is small with only two dining rooms, and the initial atmosphere is very humble, yet authentic.

Everything is done a bit differently at El Gordo’s. They serve soda in glass bottles, they use brightly colored picnic tables for seating and the salsa is served with huge chunks of avocado.

Over the course of multiple visits, the service was consistent, timely and above all friendly. There is definitely a genuine feeling of originality. The curtains are hand woven, the tortillas are homemade and the cook frequently sings Spanish music while in the kitchen.

Debatably the best menu item at El Gordo’s is their breakfast tacos, which are made with fresh flour tortillas, eggs, cheese and come with a choice of either bacon, ham, sausage or chorizo. The best part is that five tacos only cost $6.95, making el Gordo’s a better deal than most fast-food restaurants.

All in all, El Gordo’s is a simple place with a very unique taste and style.

El Gordo’s is located at 611 11th St and is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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