Bring Abnormality to Light: Amazon’s The Tick and Atypical review

The Tick takes place in a world where humans have been aware of villains and superheroes for decades. This action comedy follows Arthur, an accountant that has mental health problems who is roped into becoming a sidekick for an unusual hero, The Tick. Together, they go after an evil villain who has led the world to believe that he has been dead for years.

The Tick is unlike any hero we have ever met and that is because Peter Serafinowicz adds his own charisma, charming personality and fabulous voice acting to his character. The superhero was first introduced in 1986 as a mascot for the New England comics chain. The character is a spoof from other comic book superheroes. The show may not be as gruesome as other superhero shows, but it has a comedic element that may not be as present like in Daredevil and Jessica Jones. The Tick is a nice break from dark heroic shows like The Arrow, and this past season of The Flash.

Atypical on Netflix is about a high schooler diagnosed with autism trying to navigate the world of dating. This drama/comedy follows who made the decision to start dating with the help of his family and friends. In the show, the audience is introduced to neurotypicals, meaning normal functioning people who are not on the autistic spectrum and atypical individuals who range from functioning to high functioning. Atypical brings to light with the subject of autism in young adults today, something that is not seen very often in television. Since Speechless on ABC, more shows are exploring disorders and disabilities on the silver screen. Atypical shows how an autistic child can affect others in a family from an over protective mother to a distant father not sure how to deal with his child’s disorder and how siblings can feel neglected in their family.

No shows are without there flaws and The Tick along with Atypical each have their own set of flaws. The Tick at times can be a bit intolerable in terms of the character’s over excited voice. The Tick’s fun and welcoming persona can sometimes be over done in some episodes. Amazon Prime Video also choose to only release six of the ten episodes so it will be a while until audiences see the conclusion to this show. Atypical unnecessarily gave audiences lectures on how not put down autistic people that brought the show to a halt whenever the topic came up. The mother throughout the show has her flaws but the mistake she makes is immature and although she does justify her mistakes, some actions could have been avoided and see how it could affect her family, particularly her son. Both Atypical and The Tick are great comedies that at are definitely worth watching, it all depends on whether you want to see a fun superhero spoof or an unusual comedy that deals with a real disorder and whether you binge them or not is up the viewer. The Tick and Atypical are both viewable on Amazon Video with a Prime subscription.

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