BROCKHAMPTON’s Jennifer’s Tour Houston concert review

All 23 stops on BROCKHAMPTON’s Jennifer’s Tour, the group’s first tour, was sold out weeks before each show. The tour was announced in late July, and a month later they released their sophomore album, SATURATION II. BROCKHAMPTON has labeled themselves “America’s best boyband!” and the title is deserved as they bring a new style to the moniker.

When The Houstonian arrived at Warehouse Live in Houston on the Sept. 19, there was line stretching around the location. By the time we were able to get into the venue, we were packed into the smaller side of the concert hall. To some it might have felt extremely uncomfortable, but to the writers we felt that it increased the atmosphere of the show.

The show opened with BROCKHAMPTON DJ Romil Hemnani playing clips of rap music that got the crowd energized for the main set. When BROCKHAMPTON came on one by one to their song “HEAT,” all I could hear was the screams from the crowd. When organizing the tour, I don’t think the group understood how excited the crowd would react and often the PA system was overshadowed by the shouts and screams from the crowd. This did not diminish the show, but next time I see BROCKHAMPTON I hope the issue is resolved. The lighting design for the show was superb and added something extra to the mood.

The show ended with BROCKHAMPTON playing their hit song “STAR” five times in a row. By the time of the meet and greet we were extremely exhausted, but the show did not dampen the kindness of the members. We cannot wait for their upcoming album SATURATION III and next tour. BROCKHAMPTON brings a message of acceptance and hard upbringings in their song lyrics that is hard to find in today’s popular music.

 SATURATION I and SATURATION II are available both on Apple Music and Spotify streaming.

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