Tom and Jerry: A Never Ending Chase

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As usual, I receive most of my news from TikTok, and recently a trailer was released for the film “Tom & Jerry.” At first, I was unsure whether or not the film would reach the comedic standard the classic show had.

I grew up watching the reruns of the 1970s era “The New Tom & Jerry Show” on Boomerang and Cartoon Network, with the two main characters Tom (the cat) and Jerry (the mouse). Tom tries to capture Jerry and get rid of him, but Tom is not very clever and falls for Jerry’s traps almost every time. It’s hilarious to see both characters go to the extreme in setting their traps for each other.

Unfortunately, the 1975 continuation series of the original show only had one season. However, Warner Brothers Animation and Renegade Animation decided to create “The Tom and Jerry Show”’ in 2014. I haven’t seen this entire series since I didn’t know about it until searching up the classic.

When I did see an episode of this new show, I immediately did not like the animation style. It isn’t as detailed and has an entirely different look that doesn’t compete with the classic version. It does stay true to the same plot of the characters being rivals, but it’s not as violently graphic as the original version either.

With the new “Tom & Jerry” film being live-action, Tom and Jerry are still animated. There are real people in the film, like some of my favorite actors Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña and Ken Jeong. Knowing that these actors are in the film, I can determine that the comedic side will be hilarious, since I’ve seen each actor excel in previous comedic roles.

Although I may not be the biggest fan of the live action mixed with animation, I look forward to the movie since it is a childhood token.

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