Word on the Street: How Students Dealt With Winter Storm Uri

Photo courtesy Leila De La Cruz

Students last month were snowed in during the historic, Winter Storm Uri. The Houstonian asked students on campus how they dealt with the unusual weather conditions.

Sasha Wimbley
Kinesiology /Dance minor. 

“It was a little easy staying sane because I was with my roommate for most of the time. Having company during that time really helped to keep me occupied but whenever I was at my friend’s house I just relaxed, caught up on some shows, and tried to be positive about the situation.”

Emilee Lawrence
Mass Communication

“I stayed at home with my animals for the duration of the freeze. I had a pipe burst in my apartment on that Wednesday and stayed throughout that as well.”

Glendaliris Torres Greaux
Musical Theater

“Because I am an RA, I couldn’t leave. I had to work and assist the residents with anything that they needed. My coworkers and I got really close. We were just playing monopoly.”

Logan Rose
Management Information Systems

“The most challenging part would probably be no water. Not being able to shower was the worst.”

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