Can you see me now?

My cell phone is one of those old Nokias which only has like 20 ring tones and a 30 person address book. It’s old and every year I look at it and I think I need a new one.

Right now as I look at the old banged up piece of metal, it has cracks in the glass and packaging tape around the base to keep the battery in place. It’s ragged and honestly, it’s almost embarrassing to have to bring it out in public. If I wasn’t a broke college student, I’d have one of those cool Sprint PCS phones that light up in bright blue.

So my question arises, are cell phones used as a fashion necessity or are they put to good use?

Senior Abby Ruiz said she thinks cell phones have become a fashion statement because people can customize their phones for their own personal usage. “I download cool ring tones on my cell phone. Everytime the phone rings, the “Batman” theme song plays.”

Junior Stefanie Jones uses her Motorola to chat with friends, keep in touch with family and as a reminder for birthdays. “My parents got my cell phone for safety reasons when I started coming to school.”

Sophomore Krissy Fields said her cell phone makes her life more convenient. Like her, I use my cell phone not only to call friends and stay in touch with my family, but I also use it as an alarm clock for those early morning classes and I use it as my own personal watch.

When I’m sitting in that dredded math class and I want to know how much more time I’ll have to sit in that cramped seat, learning about something that I will never have to use, I turn on my phone, and look at the lighted up time. Sometimes it a reliever!

So what’s the deal with cell phones? I mean what makes them so popular that everyone needs to have one or show one off? Everytime I walk out of one of my classes, someone has the cell phone glued to their ear.

There’s a new phone that just came out called The Roxy. It’s made by Quiksilver. It’s a cute little phone with interchangable phone plates, with a “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” ring tone. Besides the Tetris games, the built-in speaker phone and the voicemail, The Roxy also comes with a 250 plus address book. Good lord, I would hope someone wouldn’t scroll through 250 names and then realize the name wasn’t in there to begin with.

I totally agree with the students when some say that cell phones have become a fashion statement. I think people buy these outrageously priced cell phones just to get with the new fad.

You better believe if I had the money, I would too. Would you?

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