Feminist Alliance works for education on equality, rights

The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, a new organization to SHSU, is hoping to make its’ presence is known by educating the campus on various equality issues and giving students an opportunity to voice their opinions.

The FMLA, a derivative of a national organization, was founded a month ago by student and FMLA president Rachel Brock. The organization was created in order to come up with new ideas and programs to aid in women’s rights and equality.

Issues such as economic development, leadership development, and reproductive rights are its main focus along with empowerment of women in business, medicine, sports, law and academia.

“Our discussions consist of women’s issues and how to change them along with equality issues, Affirmative Action, gay and lesbian rights and the history of feminism,” Brock said.

Brock said women are not the club’s only topic of discussion. The FMLA promotes equality among women and men and supports anything to gain equality between both sexes.

“Our organization promotes equal rights for women and men, and we encourage men to join as well,” Brock said.

Other issues the FMLA discusses are preservation of the environment, violence against women, achieving civil rights for all people and abortion issues.

“I feel that on campus there is a big pro-life voice, but not a pro-choice voice,” Brock said, “We want to show the other side of the coin.”

Upcoming events the FMLA plans to participate in will be possible work for Planned Parenthood in Huntsville and Earth Day on April 22. In celebration of Earth Day FMLA members will be in the mall area participating in a recycling drive and encouraging other SHSU students to recycle.

Brock said recent FMLA events have included an online chat on abortion clinic safety with Sharyn Tejani, FMF Legal Director; and talks on making emergency contraception available over-the-counter with Aimee Boone, Prescribe Choice Campaign Coordinator.

FMLA members have also spoken with Beth Jordan, FMF Medical Director, on the topic “Religion vs. Science” under the Bush Administration. Professor Johnson from the English department was also a guest speaker on general feminism.

People who are interested in joining the FMLA are encouraged to visit its Web site at http://www.shsu.edu/~org_fmla or attend meetings on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. in Room 315 of the Lowman Student Center.

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