Just give him a chance to be the ‘Governator’

In weeks past, several criticisms have been raised against Arnold Swarzeneggar, perhaps to the point that his critics are unwilling to allow him the opportunity to show his mettle. One must remember that the point of an election is to choose the best-qualified candidate. In terms of knowledge and experience, the former Lt. Governor was the automatic choice. However, if we remember, the point of this recall was to remove the corruption in Gray Davis’ administration. Bustamente carried the bad flavor of the Davis affiliation. Excluding him, Arnold becomes the most coherent, well-informed candidate. In his editorial Mr. Barton wrote that Arnold’s election was to the “dismay of democrats and intelligent minds everywhere.” Which individual from the colorful smorgasbord of candidates would these intelligent minds choose? The people of California have chosen Arnold; let him prove himself to THEM.Mr. Barton also had criticisms of President Bush. Mr. Barton states that, “everyone knows about the terrible job Bush is doing as commander-in-chief.” I must ask, for I do not know. Is this a reference to the war in Iraq? Do the 535 members of Congress bear no blame for their passage of the Iraq resolution passed a little over a year ago? The billions of dollars Bush has requested are to finish what our GOVERNMENT, not only our president, started. As for the economic situation, no matter how much we would like to gauge a president’s performance by the economy, the presidency really has little influence in this sector. If one wishes to complain about the economy, then send it Alan Greenspan’s direction. He can breathe “recession” and stock prices will fall. As informed citizens, one must acknowledge that just as one governmental official cannot accurately take credit for successes. It is also impossible for them to be alone to blame

Letter to the EditorJustin Baxley

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