Club Rugby set for hearing after HPD reports possible assault charges

In the midst of a successful season in which they competed against major teams such as the University of Texas and Texas A&M, the Sam Houston State Club Rugby team has been faced with a challenge they may not be able to overcome. Themselves.

The team will be the subject of a hearing with the Dean of Students next Tuesday after a party got out of hand and ended up in the hands of the Huntsville Police Department.

According to Jason Warren, Chief Investigator and Coordinator of Judicial Programs with the Dean of Students, the hearing will be held to determine if the members of the team committed any violations against the Student Code of Conduct and designate punishment if any violations are confirmed.

Though the case is pending, Warren confirmed that the allegations involve possible assault charges filed with the Huntsville Police Department.

“We found out about it through an incident report from the Huntsville Police Department,” Warren said. “The Dean of Students will conduct the hearing on Tuesday and he is the one who will decide if they will be suspended and for how long.”

While the hearing will be held on Tuesday, Warren said that a sentence may not be decided upon until a few days later.

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