Open Mic Night Tonight on Campus

The Program Council is hosting an open mic night tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. in the LSC Kat Klub. The event is free and open to the public. There will performances from poets, singers, dancers, rappers, comedians, dramatic monologues and more.

Jessica Burke, Program Council Vice President of External Relations gave details about the event.

“It is just a really fun time,” said Burke. “The lights go out and the discos come on. I like to see all the different talents that people bring to the table. It is such a simple event and the students just love it.”

Burke also talked about how this event is a great chance for students to get onstage and really express themselves.

“I love that they have a chance to shine,” Burke said. “They can get up there and do whatever they want. You can anything you can do with a mic. We see a lot of diversity.”

Performers can either sign up before the event through the Program Council or can just show up the night of the event and preform. Program Council Entertainment Chair Brittnee Lorence talked about the many benefits of hosting the event.

“You actually get the chance to interact with the student body with open mic night and it is great.” Lorence said.

Performers can be in a group or solo, all are welcome. A free T-shirt is given to those who perform on open mic night.

“It is a really good environment for people to practice with an audience,” Lorence said. “You don’t really get that opportunity very often.”

The audience will be able to see a variety of pieces from students involved in all different parts of the campus. Burke talked about the most rewarding parts of the event.

“I like to see all the creativity that goes on,” Burke said. “I think it is really fun to see what kind of students are actually on campus. A lot of the times, you are stuck in one department and in one area. I just like to see it all, all the diversity.”

Open mic night has been around for many years. The last open mic night earlier this semester had over 50 performers.

“This past one was packed,” Lorence said. “We did not expect so many people to come in. It was crazy!”

For more imformation call 936-294-1763, visit the Program Council’s office LSC 324, or email

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