Prison Break Makes a Return

The beloved thriller show “Prison Break” has returned in a sequel series entitled “Prison Break: Resurrection”.  The Resurrection series is a mini-series and it has already been confirmed to only extend to 9 episodes. The original series first aired on Fox in 2005 and ended in 2009. Now nearly eight years later, the iconic duo of Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, who also can be seen playing Heat Flash and Captain Cold in DC’s “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow”, came back to primetime TV reprising their roles of Lincoln Burrows, Purcell, and Michael Scofield, Miller. The two are brothers who just can’t seem to stay away from political trouble and controversy.

In the original 2005 series, after a framing scandal Lincoln Burrows is sentenced to a death sentence and it’s up to his younger brother Michael Scofield to get into prison and break him out hence the title “Prison Break”. Yet fans of the original are in for a treat with this new sequel because in the 2017 Resurrection series, tides have changed dramatically and now Michael Scofield is the one in prison and Lincoln Burrows has to break him out! And that is only one of many surprising angles the new show is taking.

Many other actors from the original series make a return to the Resurrection series as well. Sarah Wayne Callies returns in her role as the love interest to Scofield as well as many past prisoners of the original series; such as Fernando Sucre, Amaury Nolasco and Robert Knepper. Although the setting is still prison the scenery has changed dramatically as the prison that Michael is incarcerated in is right in the middle of Yemen. The plot has also taken a turn; and as a fan of the original show I have a few things to say.

For one the new sequel seems to have lost that spark and edge the original 2005 series had. The original show had this aroma of “Oh snap! how is he going to get out of this?!” drama that had you on the edge of your seat guessing what would happen in every moment of each episode. With the analytical mind of Michael Scofield, anything seemed possible to accomplish. It was almost like watching Batman successfully plot his escape out of prison, without his suit, trapped with little or no chance of survival, surrounded by guards and top security! Some of the set up seems forced to capture a thrilling surprising feeling, than originally set up. With that being said though the new series does embrace the usual cliffhanger style of ending that happens at the end of each episode. Michael is still up to crafty shenanigans that get him equally into trouble as out of it and due to the fact that the series is only four episodes in, it is a great possibility that by episode 9 the action will pick up.

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