Suggested Salary’ website helps students make money

For all the blood, sweat and tears you put in over a 4 to 5 year period at a university, you expect something great in return. Something great like a whole bunch of money.

Most of us know that the specific range of our salary really depends our intended field of study. However, a website called “Suggested Salary Negotiation Guidelines for Recent Graduates gives a step by step of how to up any salary offer.

A few important things from the website suggests that listening well during an interview and giving good answers to the questions asked, as far as what you can offer the company, will prompt the company to want to pay you more.

Other tips include not being the first one to mention money, but if you are pushed on the subject make sure you have a range in mind. The website says to base your range on what you think you’re worth and an analysis of the market.

Once a base salary is discussed do not forget to discuss benefits you are entitled to like health insurance, vacation time, annual salary review, retirement savings plans, bonus plans, college tuition reimbursement plans and stock options.

The website also makes it clear for college graduates not to just give into any salary. A helpful sample of a salary negotiation conversation is given on the website at

One example of the what to say in a negotiation conversation is as follows: Company: “We’d like to offer you a salary of $10,000/year.”

You: Alternative answer #1: “I’m delighted that you are interested in me and I am very interested in the position. Based upon my experience and also because of a variety of expenses I’ll have when I graduate, such as paying off my college loan and having to get a car, I’d like to be making around $30,000. How do you feel about that?”

Alternative answer #2: “I really like the opportunity, and I know that I could contribute, but I have several other opportunities that are in the $30,000 range (don’t say it unless it’s true) is there a way we could work this out?”

The job hunting and interviewing process can be extremely hard and draining. It is also about more than negotiating a salary, but that’s what it all boils down to. For information about other things like tips about writing a professional resume’, tips for interviewing and what companies are hiring, career services is always available and can be reached at 294-1713.

Other websites such as,,, can help those who are getting ready to graduate too.

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